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The Trade Council

The Trade Council works to give Danish companies an edge when they compete all over the world. We have employees located at more than a hundred embassies on all continents. The organization is leading all governmental programs to promote Danish export and foreign investment in Denmark.

We focus on offering Danish companies individual advice on all issues important for their international plans. The Trade Council is a professional and innovative organization adapting to the different needs and customs in even the farthest parts of the world market.

We work with companies on all levels – both century old family companies and new one man businesses, and we can act as a sparring partner to all companies who want to cross boarders – either out on the world market or foreign investors looking to Denmark for opportunities.

The Trade Council is in a position to offer substantial and discernible benefits to both new and experienced export firms. The goal is to offer the Danish business community a close partnership giving them a head start in the globalization.

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