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The Trade Council offers advice and programs custom-made for your company to realize its full export potential. Our consultants can help your company with everything from market analysis and searching for new partners, to export promotions or establishment on new markets.

Get Help to Start Your Export

It can be hard to get a full overview of the company’s export potential, and what markets are relevant. We keep the company updated on price developments on the market, just as we help optimize the company’s advertisement and identify potential partners. The Trade Council also offers specialized workshops and sparring opportunities, providing your company with knowledge about the global market. Read more about some of our programs below. 

An Opportunity for Custom-Made Export Advice

One of our solutions is a collaboration between the Growth Centres and The Trade Council, consisting of two integrated programs. Your company gets the full benefit of both organizations’ advice. We offer a free sparring program at a regional Growth Centre in Denmark, preparing your company for the upcoming export adventure. The sparring program ends in the creation of an export plan.

Ten hours of free export sparring on up to two markets follows, with one of The Trade Council’s export consultants. The sparring will most often include basic market information the company can use to make an informed choice of export market.

The Trade Council offers more innovative solutions, to kick off your company’s export strategy. We give free advice on e-commerce, where we will help your company with practical and strategic advice on international e-commerce, to get you going with online export and to see through the competition, market prices and legal situation.

The GROW-program gets your company in touch with a local export consultant, providing a teamwork opportunity to tailor the best possible solution for your company. A GROW-program can for example contain market and competition analysis, searching for partners, financing opportunities and the possibility to participate in export advice with other companies - a unique opportunity for sparring.

If you are interested in a longer program, you can apply for The Trade Council’s VITUS-program, offering a specifically tailored one-year export advice program. The program includes export advice, sparring and workshops, as well as a fact finding tour to the chosen export market with a relevant export consultant. The VITUS-program ends with the formulation of a new export strategy, in close cooperation with the export consultant.

Specialized Consultants

The Trade Council is made up of global sector teams, which are specialized in a number of areas where Danish companies have great potential and expertise. Our sector consultants are based on out embassies all around the world, offering specialize and sales-oriented advice on your specific professional area. We specialize in healthcare, foodstuffs and agriculture, technology, energy, water and design among other areas. Through the sector teams, your company can get access to new markets and have a successful export journey.