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Danish companies export globally on a massive scale. But the more markets your company exports to, the more challenges of various types can arise. Timely effort and care are keywords when meeting the different challenges that Danish companies can end up facing globally. 

Find Your Business Partners

Building good relations to public decision makers and knowledge of political processes and key market actors is an increasingly important part of Danish companies’ strategy to maintain existing markets shares and win new ones globally. The Trade Council has therefore launched a number of services under the common name “Global public Affairs”, services aimed at supporting your business’ positioning in relation to public authorities or political decision makers abroad. 

If your company dreams of new export opportunities, our local network can help accelerate and realize those dreams. We open doors to highly placed decision makers and provide your company with the right platform for presenting your solutions. We have already helped many Danish companies with spotting export opportunities globally. 

Alliances on the Global Market

Participating in a Strategic Business Alliance means being part of a network that strengthens the export of your product. The Alliance focus on congregating and boosting small and mid-sized Danish companies on the various export markets. The aim is increasing exports for all included companies, by either offering greater supply, a project or access to a whole new market. 

Ina a Strategic Business Alliance your company gets the opportunity to exploit economics of scale in support of your export efforts. The Trade Council’s advisors create alliances on their respective markets, and find relevant companies and connect them in a Strategic Business Alliance. Small and mid-sized companies see their global potential significantly increased by participating in larger strategic projects. Bigger companies can benefit from their products being marketed alongside the more specialized products of small and mid-sized companies. 

Denmark has found a strong international position by offering a complete packet of innovative Danish companies, competitive financing solutions and high risk tolerance capital combined with The Trade Council’s large network and specialized advisors. The Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) offers advice and risk tolerant investment for investment in developing countries, while the Export Credit Agency (EKF) can help secure your customers the needed financing for acquiring Danish equipment and technology by providing a guarantee for banks. 

Intergovernmental cooperation furthers Danish community solutions, developed over time in collaboration between the public and private sectors and special interest groups.  fremmes danske samfundsløsninger, som gennem tiden er udviklet i et samarbejde mellem den offentlige og private sektor samt interesseorganisationer. This includes Danish knowledge, Danish private-public solutions and technological lead positions. With a strong Danish sector-oriented engagement abroad we can further stability and sustainability, all the while strengthening Danish export and Danish solutions.