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Egypt as a Market

Following the successful investment conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in March, both international investors and economic forecasts look positive for the Nile country.

The Suez Canal and the geographical position of Egypt makes Egypt one of the best locations for export based companies. Not only does Egypt have land connection between the continent of Africa and the Middle East, it also offers great infrastructure built around the sea lane to Asia.

Egypt also has a workforce of low wage workers. The new investment law has also limited bureaucracy and the legal system is generally ruling in favour of foreign investors. To add to all this some formal restrictions on FDI has been eased.

President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi issued the Investment Law twelve hours before the investment conference in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt The Future. In the conference days that followed, USD 120 billion worth of investment deals were either pledged or signed showing a widespread belief in Egypt as a target for investments.

The forecasters look positively on the future of Egypt. There are real long term possibilities in the country, and the growth in GDP is expected to go from 2% in 2012 to 6.4% in the financial year 2015/2016. Furthermore several sectors such as renewal energy, ICT, retail, textiles and healthcare, seem to open new opportunities for companies with the know-how.

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Key economic indicators

GDP per capita: USD 3,314 (World Bank)

Inflation: 10% annual. (Central Bank of Egypt)

Main sectors: Agriculture 14.5 %, Industry 37.5 % and Services 48 % (contribution to GDP, CIA World Factbook)

Ease of doing business: 112 out of 189 (World Bank)

Labour force: 27,742,106 (World Bank)

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