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Obtaining documents

In the left menu you can find information about how to obtain your Danish birth certificate and your Danish police record.

Danish birth certificate

A copy of a Danish birth certificate cannot be obtained through a Danish diplomatic mission.

Below you can see how to obtain it from Denmark.

If you require a copy of a Danish birth certificate you must contact either the church in Denmark where your birth was registered or the parish your last residential address in Denmark belonged to.
If you do not know where your birth was registered or which parish you belonged to then you must contact the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs in Denmark. Make sure to include all the information you have about your birth.

Frederikholms Kanal 21
Postboks 2123
1015 Copenhagen

Tel. +45 33 92 33 90
Fax +45 33 92 39 13

The copy of your birth certificate will not be mailed directly to you.

Please be aware that if you wish to collect your birth certificate from the Embassy in Cairo it will incur a fee according to Prod. no. 135 (link) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs list of fees, please note that we only accepts cash in Egyptian Pounds.

Danish police record

You cannot obtain a copy of your Danish criminal record through the Embassy in Cairo. You must contact the Police Commissioner in Denmark directly.

Danish citizens and foreigners who wish to obtain a copy of their Danish criminal record should contact the Danish Police Commissioner at the following address:

Polititorvet 14, 2
1780 København V.

Telephone: +45 33148888
Fax: + 45 35210220

You can send your request to the Police Commissioner either by letter or by fax and please remember to include the following:

■Your name, address and signature on letter/fax
■Your latest residential address in Denmark
■Your CPR number (personal identification number) if applicable
■Language you wish the certificate to be issued in
■Complete address to which certificate should be send
■Copy of relevant passport pages with your name, date of birth, birthplace etc.
The criminal record is free of charge.